Trends Technology Transfer of Cosmetic Packaging Products


NastriTex presents NastriTex Lab a unique Avant-garde cosmetic laboratory service, tailor made and signed by one of NastriTex technicians.


For better cosmetic laboratory service achievements, going beyond the technological limits, including:

  • specific evaluation based on customer’s bulks;
  • focused answers to solve and simplify many issues: drop-tests, natural and pearl effects, color depth, smooth surface, and so on;
  • skilled support to customers’ lean production strategy adopting solutions able to reduce throughput time and waste;
  • technical partnership to brand companies to define sub-contractors’ supply specifications.


To help accomplish marketing needs the best way possible, also thanks to our prizewinning “Frame®” technology, which creates a dynamic and smooth link from fashion and beauty.

Starting from customer mood boards and technical drawings, each piece is translated into all that is necessary to developed a pattern using the best-suited tools and technologies.

Thanks to the innovative “ Frame® ribbon” this is made even easier.

About Nastritex

Seeking out specific and original solutions for our customers is not a complex matter. All it takes are a few clearly defined goals to be shared with both customers and our team:

  • cosmetic perfection is achieved by offering the greatest choice possible, and this choice is a result of product variety
  • interpreting customer needs and helping them with the best solution to each particular need
  • assuring certified and skin-compatible textiles
  • a proactive approach that stimulates experimentation with new materials and technical solutions
  • constantly evolving know-how ready to back customers' inspiration with the latest and greatest technological solutions.