Trends Technology Transfer of Cosmetic Packaging Products

Cosmetic Textiles

Technological textiles for cometic industry and innovative materials developed for cosmetic machinery


The Powders division includes both textile-based items and polythene ones for cosmetic. Technical expertise, operating assistance and training assure that a wide range of situations is served. Scientific parameters, such as the weight of materials, thickness, and permeability to air, become essential to overcome drop tests, ripping out problems and to enhance colour uniformity, pearly and velvet-like effects.

Different surface replicas can achieve smooth surfaces, as well as thin lines; controlled deformation of several materials allows for creating embossment and engravings in compacts, even in the utmost detail.

Baked and Wet

Cosmetic textile items, nonwoven materials, and cellulosic-based ones are engineered for the production of baked, cream-based, slurry and all wet formulations, both with injection and extrusion technology. Elasticity, controlled deformation, surface replicas, absorption capacity, thickness and fluid permeability are the properties that distinguish one item from another.


Frame derives from a new technology which allows for producing “powder compacts with engravings”. With Frame, the ribbon / cosmetic textile becomes a mould. Any picture desired can be achieved, making it possible to quickly create marketing images in small quantities and for special orders.