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Dual Dispensers by Veriblend

VariBlend is the recognized leader in dual blending and custom mixing technology. Our innovation-driven approach has resulted in the development of a wide selection of dual-dispensing solutions, including variable-ratio dispensers, 50/50 dispensers, AB dispensers and mechanical foamers.

As the "go-to destination" for marketers and developers alike, VariBlend’s exclusive systems and solutions makes it the ideal choice for products that come in multiple strengths, require separation of formulas or separation until the actual point of dispensing, offer shade or color selection, or need blending or mixing.

All of VariBlend’s dual-dispensing components and packaging solutions are manufactured and assembled in America and supplied, distributed in india by Pristine Beauty & Health Care Pvt Ltd.

20mm MiniMix

20mm "MiniMix" package, ideal for a small profile package such as lip and eye products.

40mm MidiMix

40mm to dispense less product ideal for face products and others requiring a smaller dosage.

49mm MaxiMix

49mm for body products and products requiring larger dosage per stroke.

AB Dispenser

Offers100% left chamber or 100% right chamber product delivery in a variety of package sizes, configurations and per stroke outputs.

Dual Foamer

A propellant-free, two-pump system delivers a 50/50 product formulation at the moment of application.

Dual Lotion Dispenser

A two-pump system for lotions that delivers a 50/50 product blend upon dispensing.

50/50 Dispenser

Designed with two chambers and one dispensing head. Available with a single or dual nozzle.

Dual Tube Dispenser

Dual Tube Dispenser with continuous flow and a variety of dispenser closures.